In order for our customers to purchase and use the products that we offer at ease, Naspac Marketing Pte Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “We”) pays careful attention to the handling of personal information from the standpoint of corporate social responsibility and our executives and employees recognize the importance of personal information protection and strive to maintain and improve legal compliance and safe handling.

Compliance with the Laws and Regulations Concerning the Protection of Personal Information

We comply with the laws and other applicable laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

We clearly specify the purpose of use when collecting personal information and collect personal information within the scope of the purpose. As for the collected personal information, we will handle it within the scope of the notices or purpose of use that we announced, except when exceptions are permitted by the laws, regulations, etc.

Management of Personal Information

To protect personal information, we assign an administrator who handles personal information, we comply with the laws and regulations concerning personal information, the industry guideline, and company regulations, and we pay careful attention to personal information. We maintain the accurate and latest personal information and appropriately manage it to prevent leakage, falsification, loss, and acts of unfair use.

Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

When a customer request deleting or correcting his/her personal information, we promptly delete and correct his/her personal information.

Disclosure of Personal Information and Provision to a Third Party

Except for any of the following cases, we will not disclose personal information or provide it to a third party:

(1)Consent of the person

(2)Product recall, etc. (When we have to implement the product recall due to complaints from customers, we may disclose and provide contact information to the manufacturer)

(3)Request from the regulatory authority

(4)Operations by the outsourcing contractors (We will provide it to the companies that we consigned the operations for the preparation and sending of the documents or sending of products. However, we will provide it only to the vendors that we examined according to the criteria and concluded an agreement.)


The policies outlined above may be subject to change to response to changes in laws and regulations, in which case all such changes will be notified on this website.